Designers Wanting to be Developers

Have you ever wished that you were able to trade your proficiency with another? Often, as a designer, I have wished that I was a good developer. Able to go out and develop my web apps. At the end of the day, I suppose I can accomplish different things than a developer and just hire developers, but it sure would be nice. Or I could pick up a PHP book and learn.

Have you ever wanted to trade a proficiency? What did you wish you were?

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  1. I wish I were less the talented musician and more the talented composer. I can play by ear like if I were a prodigy, but I can’t read or write music for nuthin’. I have written songs but I hadda get a guy to put them to a songsheet for me. Oh well…

  2. Of course!
    I’m a self-proclaimed developer…erm I get paid to write php (whether it’s good or not…well) and while I wouldn’t want to trade developer for designer I definitely wish I could be more well rounded. The crappy thing about being a developer is knowing that beyond the anomalies who solve genuine engineering problems (google, craigslist?, myspace?, youtube!!???), your average app isn’t going anywhere without a good design.

    Design is painful for me…really, I get headaches!

  3. Let’s see. As an engineer (by trade I guess), I wish I could be good designer, marketer, not hope for salesman, and the list goes on and on…
    At least, when you know where your limits are, I think you’ll do well, no strike that, I think you’ll do great 🙂

  4. Well, I am a web designer, web developer and also I create corporate styles. I guess I just wanted to learn new ways to do my work and ended up doing a lot of things. Those books are really worth a lot!

  5. I used to be in IT. I had a bunch of certs and was making pretty good money, but i always liked designing and thought that it would be fun to do so i took some classes after losing a job.

    But i do sometimes wish that i was also capable of doing developing. Every now and again i try to reverse engineer the php stuff that our developer does and i get nowhere. In time. The next step of my desire is ruby on rails. But in the end i will probably just continue designing.

  6. I’ve worn both hats, so to speak. My first real job was as a visual designer in the dotcom days. I was pretty good at it too. I didn’t know a single line of code.

    Over the years, circumstances have forced me to learn coding. Now it’s almost the entirety of my work. There’s just too many “designers” out there and not enough programmers.

    Having done both it’s hard to say which I like more. One thing that I leaned is that programming is just as creative and gratifying as design. It’s just not as pretty.

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