Design Reactor These guys

Design Reactor

These guys have a slow loading site however it is worth the wait. Notable clients include Apple and NetFlix and I just love the design and navigation, even though parts of it are mysterious. It’s 95% perfect. I would say this however: I don’t like sites that force a full screen experience upon me (please make it an option). It’s nothing personal, however I sometimes like to leave a site open and look at my other applications while I visit. I’m just that way, I want to multi-task.

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  1. I go to Cafe Zentro at least once a week before work–it’s the highlight of my week and I love the place. Just changed ownership but both old and new owners seem great. They have the best ice tea I’ve ever had, and I’d highly recommend their smoothies as well. The staff is always very friendly and treat me like a friend every time I visit. Your visit to this coffee shop is definitely more personable than a trip to Starbucks.

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