Describe your dream job

What would your dream job be? Imagine you could do anything for a career and skip the training and hassle required to attain that career level. What would you do?

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  1. I would own / operate a catamaran ferrying people from cruise ships to exotic locations in the caribbean.

    Sun, surf and pretty women in bikinis all day long. Yeh, I know, drunk middle-aged guys with big beer guts too, but I can filter that kinda stuff out of my mind no problem.

  2. Mark, I really like that. I was going to pick that I would be a tv host for a travel documentary but operating a catamaran in the caribbean sounds like a lot more fun. Is this a boat that requires two people to operate it? If not, maybe I can be on the beach and rent out surfboards.

  3. I would team up with one or two other guys and just start an infinite beta shop where we create websites/applications for the hell of it.

    … on the beaches of Costa Rica.

  4. I’d be finishing my novel, and after that, kicking out a new one every few years, and vacationing an awful lot.

  5. Kyle – I like your idea! That would be loads of fun.

    JG – What is your novel about?

    Mark – I haven’t played golf in over a year! I used to play all the time. Loads of fun. We have good golf here and it’s a decent deal in the summertime if you can handle the heat. The trick is to get out in the morning early before it gets too hot.

  6. Well, it’s technically my fourth, though only one of the previous three was any good. Before beginning the novel I wrote a series of sketches and published them on DS, then created a site just for them. They’re basically ways for me to explore the character and some plot ideas without having to tear up and rewrite whole sections of the book. Here’s the site’s about page, which gives some backstory:

  7. “…Is this a boat that requires two people to operate it?…”

    There’s usually a small crew. Driving the boat, handing out equipment to the passengers, bartending…even a cameraman documenting the adventure — I think they sell the tapes to the cruiseline, (or have a pre-arranged deal with them) because it’s usually televised on board as part of the passengers adventures for the day / week.

    So, cmon with your tv hosting dream. It’ll fit right in on the catamaran. Best of both worlds, dude.

  8. I really can’t see what’s holding us back at this point. I’ll meet you at the airport. I know how to sail and I have a swimsuit.

  9. Whoa, I think Bill just called you a terraformer, Chris. You gonna let him get away with that?

  10. Photographer for National Geographic in the winter… Photographer for Sports Illustrated Swim Suit in the summer. oh yeah.. spank me!

  11. I don’t know if it would be my dream job, but it would be really cool to work on one of Pixar’s CG-Animated movies or to have my own cartoon. It’s too bad I am artistically impaired. Then again, that’s probably why I want to do it — because I can’t.

  12. Build motorcycles along side Jesse James at Westcoast Choppers or work at the custom guitar shop at Taylor Guitars or ESP guitars.

  13. I suppose I would be a professional musician. I had this job briefly, but the pay sucks when you don’t do pop music

    The ability to travel and have people feel happier because of a simple song you played for them is real cool and gratifying. When I make my millions (and I will) I’ll let some manager handle of the “day to day” while I tour South America, the Caribbean and Europe playing my magical music!

  14. Having just on Monday quit my current job, this is a remarkably pertinent question. The dream job hopefully to start on 3rd July is anything that pays the bills and (hopefully) doesn’t make my brain run out of my ears in boredom. Alas, I have yet to find this particular job.

    The DREAM dream job would be commissioning editor for a literary publisher. I’d still be writing stuff of my own, but just for fun. I’ve always preferred working behind the scenes. Let the author take all the glory (because of course I’d only pick good books). I’ll know that I was instrumental in the process. If I got a book dedicated to me one day, that would be cool.

  15. Ride on an all-female non-combat military mountain bike scout team. This job doesn’t exist anywhere in the world, so that’s why I’m not doing it right now.

  16. I’m working in my dream job. I’m a teacher and I love it, despite the downsides that are definitely there, but which are caused by outside parties (government etc.) which are usually easily ignored.

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