Define Mashup

Take a second and define the term “mashup” in one easy sentence that even your grandma could understand.

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  1. Well, I don’t know about my grandma, but…

    mashup: A technology or service that relies on the inter-operability and combination of various other technologies or services.
    E.g. An web service that can visualize auctions on ebay over a Google map would need to pull geographic data from ebay’s API and overlay the data using the Google maps service (via Google’s API).

  2. To oversimplify it for my grandma, a mashup would be the map that shows where all the yard sales are in the newspaper classifieds.

    Interpreting one set of data (addresses formatted grammatically in the classified listings) in the context of another set of data (a map of the city, presented cartographically).

  3. A “mash-up” is what you get when you mix one song with another song. For example, mix the song “Amazing Grace” with “Happy Birthday”, and you have a mash-up.

    The end result is a whole new song, but with parts of both. A good mash-up is one that actually pulls it off. This is usually accomplished by mixing songs with similar rythms.

    See Q-Unit for an example. (Queen, mashed up with 50 Cent)

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