Cold Milk

Milk is so much better served really cold. The taste is amazing. I grew up on Skim Milk and have converted to Whole Milk with ice cubes. It’s an amazing difference.

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  1. I love full fat milk – unfortunateley because my GF believes semi-skimmed is better for you, i dont get to drink it any more. at least semi-skimmed is better that the white water they call skimmed!

    BTW – im hearing roumers about a new google update named “little devil”! keep your ears peeled (WTF does that mean anyway – how can you peel ears?)

  2. Milk – YUCK!

    I haven’t had a glass of milk since I was ten. That stuff is made for a 2000 pound animal. All animals use their milk to suckle their young. Yet, we are the only animal that drinks the milk of another.

    Sorry, that may gross you out, but that’s just the way I see it…

    Ok, I’m somewhat hypocritical, I do put it on my cerial.

  3. I sometimes drank whole milk in college
    A couple of my friends drank a carton a day

    “Less than whole” milk feels like water after experiencing whole, whole is so much richer!

  4. Commenter “Mark” says that “we are the only animal that drinks the milk of another.” My experience shows that’s just a matter of access. Cats will happily drink cow’s milk, as will most dogs. I’m sure pigs would, as they’ll eat nearly anything.

    The powers of domestication and opposable thumbs go a long way towards defining our diet, I think.

    Me, I drank many, many glasses of whole milk as a kid (including glasses of raw milk from our cows when we had a small ranch), but can’t stand drinking it now. It’s fine in cereal and other dairy products are great, but drinking a glass of milk now sounds awful.

  5. I tell ya, we’re having a milk renaissance in our house. I like milk a lot, but when we found out we’re pregnant, we started buying more of it just because it is so healthy. Then I had the bright idea of getting it delivered. In our town we still have milk delivery and it all comes from local cows. Oh man. So delicious.

  6. Is there sucha thing as “real milk” that comes from real cows, in the States?
    Sorry to say it, but if you’re on vacation from a middle-European countryside, visiting the east coast of the U.S. of A., the milk products start to look like stuff you’d use in a horror movie 😉

  7. If you enjoy drinking milk, go ahead. I don’t see any point in denying people things they enjoy in moderation.

    *begin tongue-in-cheek rant*
    Just don’t drink it because it is the magical health food everyone used to brainwash us into thinking it is.

    The money behind milk marketing in North America is huge and they will continue to “educate” children about this “healthy” food. Never mind that the Canadian and US Pediatrics officials strongly recommend that babies not be given any cows milk until they are at least one year old.

    The diets of modern North American cows is horrible fixed on little nutrition of a normal healthy cow and often given automatic antibiotics to “avoid” getting sick.

    High levels of milk consumption are associated with (honestly not proven) antibiotic resistence, athsma, allergies and gastro intestinal problems.

    *end tongue-in-cheek rant*

    As I say if you really enjoy it treat yourself.

    I’ll stick to Single Malts and a splash of water.

    BTW: I am a web developer not a doctor, I am sure some legitimate scientists may and could refute any of the above statements. Just watch the source, those milk pushers are crafty.

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