Chris’ Weekend Links – March 3rd

A few weekend links:

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  1. The Category Visibility Plugin for WordPress is awesome! He has a beta version that adds a reverse logic features, so if you tag something with one category that hides the post from the front page and one category that does not, the post will not show on the front page (currently if your post has any category that allows it on the front page, then it will show regardless of whether or not there is a category that is hidden from the front page). The only issue is that either my version of PHP or MySql is not compatible because I was able to get the plugin to work on my local machine, but not on my hosted blog… bummer!!

  2. That plugin for category visibility was the perfect solution for a client that basically wants to run a news section but not have two installations of WP.

  3. I completely agree! I’m using a rather fussy solution to run my blog and an “off-topic” blog but the code behind it all makes you post an off-topic post between every two non off-topic posts and it becomes a pain. I haven’t had time to troubleshoot why the plugin works locally but not on my blog, but *hopefully* it’s not a difficult fix.

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