Chris’ Weekend Links – March 24th

Hope you had a great week. Here are a few links…

  • Engine Yard is selling off Rails Hosting by the Slice — I wonder if this will catch on, and I wonder if there are any other areas of a traditional business that could be sold by the slice (ala pizza).
  • Scott Adams tells a good story — By way of a good story, he also shares pretty much all you will ever need to know about customer service.
  • Dapper is cool — Via Tom.
  • Web 2.0 File Repository for PHP — I’m not sure what makes it “Web 2.0” but it looks interesting.
  • Google Browser Sync for Firefox — Check it out, you can synchronize your bookmarks.
  • JotForm — An interesting interface for building forms.
  • Most magnificent trees — I found this to be quite interesting.
  • 7 Flash Myths — Don’t miss the comments, some of them are witty.

2 responses to “Chris’ Weekend Links – March 24th”

  1. The tree link was really neat!

    Also thanks for the flash mythbuster link. That’s good solid information to pass onto clients.

  2. Hello Chris.

    Thanks for the link.

    You popped up in our Google Analytics report, and I appreciate the referrals.

    Engine Yard *is* catching on. We’re growing 50% to 100% per month, and our customers really resonate with what we’re selling.

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