Chris’ Weekend Links – June 9th

This first set of links is my normal weekend batch from the last few weeks:

The following links are items that were seen at Refresh Phoenix Demo Night.

  • — An upcoming product by an Arizona developer that helps you share your files between systems.
  • — A sort of project management / domain manager.
  • JumpBox Applications — A great set of apps you can run as virtual appliances. We helped out with the site design.
  • Social Media Cards — Oh please.

3 responses to “Chris’ Weekend Links – June 9th”

  1. With regards to … do you mean “Oh please” sarcastically or “Oh Please” like you want some?

  2. What is the deal with the baseball and the car. I found that quite interesting. Its interesting to Newtonian physics portrayed in that way.

  3. I’m pretty sure that truck and baseball are going 100kph, not mph. Although I would watch a video of just that truck going 100mph 🙂

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