Chris’ Weekend Links – June 16th

A few links to sites of interest I ran across this week:

4 responses to “Chris’ Weekend Links – June 16th”

  1. Man, that guy singing on Britian’s got Talent made me tear up! I love it when guys like that get a break.

    O Brother, Where Art Thou? is one of the greatest films of all time. If just for the Homer derivation. The song introduced me to bluegrass and I’ve never turned back. This coming from an island boy who grew up on calyso and reggae!

    That CMS Solution is awwesome, if pricey. One day, mebbe i’ll be able to offer it as a solution to my clients.

  2. Ellington is cool and I believe it’s powered by Django. What’s cool about this framework is that once you build your data models, it creates the admin interface for you.
    Wilson Miner provides a cool tutorial on getting a portfolio up and running quickly on Django, using no real custom code.

  3. Thanks for mentioning Green Energy TV! They have a cool site and some great videos. I know people can upload their videos by going to and there is a button to Watch and one to Upload your videos on.
    Thanks for the tip!

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