Chris’ Weekend Links – February 9th (Special Double Issue)

It has been rather slow on BrainFuel lately. We have a number of new clients with a lot of projects, so things have been extra-busy at Tornado. Here’s some entertaining links to keep you occupied.

6 responses to “Chris’ Weekend Links – February 9th (Special Double Issue)”

  1. Nice hearty list you’ve got here Chris! 🙂 I came across Todoist and was about to give it a try until I found Not sure if you’ve seen it, but it has a bunch of ajax goodness and a simple design. So far, it’s been a breeze to use – lets see if the honeymoon period lasts.


  2. My fake Starbucks customer name is Keyser. As in Keyser Sose, the fictional scary guy from the movie The Usual Suspects.

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