Chris’ Weekend Links – December 17th

Here are a couple of links for this weekend. Enjoy!

2 responses to “Chris’ Weekend Links – December 17th”

  1. Chris,

    Was subdued down when you posted this? I went to visit this link at 2130 of the same day you posted and was surprised to read the ‘temporarily down’ posting due to spamming issues.

    Bummer, though. Yet, his posting about being temporarily down was a bit of a muse. Heh, I must be really tired.

    BTW, Just wanted to let you know that I very much look forward to seeing these postings each weekend. It’s one of those things I think that if no one told you, you’d never know then one day stop and get a ration of emails politely demanding you return to your old ways of posting these entertaining, time-blowers.

    So, anyway: Thank you, Chris, from the bottom of my heart for formidably wasting my weekend time in a most entertaining manner. 😉 Love the work!


  2. Thanks Brian, I’m glad you enjoy them. I post them on weekends mostly because link posts feel less like content and more like a weekend thing.

    The Subdued link was down when I saw it first about a week ago. I guess I liked the look of the temporary page. Heh. It’s a neat bird photo.

    Have a good day.

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