Category: Typography

  • Logo of the Month #15

    I ran across this logo recently and wanted to share it. Very nicely done. It’s for a BBQ called Joe’s Farm Grill, in Gilbert, AZ. This logo for The Coffee Shop in the same area was a close runner up.

  • Logo of the Month #14

    Belated logo of the month for November, is The Production Department logo. Check out how the ‘P’ also forms a ‘D’ — very clever. Source: Superfamous (a super awesome site to browse around)

  • KFC introduces new logo

    Before: After: Kentucky Fried Chicken introduces a new logo and new web site, all which are quite interesting. What do you think? Discussed on Brand New.

  • Logo of the Month #13

    I’m voting for the Clover logo for Logo of the Month for October, barely making it in time to even be called the logo of October. Nevertheless, it is. I really like how they have coffee bean plant leaves on the logo, and used the L to make the shape. Genius.