Logo of the Month #15

I ran across this logo recently and wanted to share it. Very nicely done. It’s for a BBQ called Joe’s Farm Grill, in Gilbert, AZ. This logo for The Coffee Shop in the same area was a close runner up.

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  1. It’s a nice logo for sure, but neither the graphics nor the name would induce me to think of BBQ — unless their serving up BBQ’d organic vegetables.

  2. http://www.joesfarmgrill.com/Pages/TheFood.html

    I guess I miss quoted. It’s got BBQ, but it also has a lot more.

    At Joe’s Farm Grill, we focus on common food done uncommonly well and served quickly. Common foods such as burgers, fries, pizza, salads, and ribs are common for a good reason: people love them. They taste great! We have taken these common foods to the next level.

    First of all, we source the best QUALITY ingredients we can find, emphasizing local ingredients. As much as possible, we use fruit, vegetables, and herbs from The Farm at Agritopia, right at our front door. After that we look to other local farmers and then other parts of Arizona. Not everything can be entirely local, but we give it our best shot.

    Secondly, we are concerned about using the most HEALTHFUL ingredients. For instance we use local, natural beef for our burgers and transfat free oils for frying, dressings, and marinades.

    Thirdly, we minimize using prepared foods by crafting as much as we can in our own kitchen. This includes hand breading our onion rings and making our own specialty sauces. It takes more TIME and EFFORT, but you can taste the difference.

    We also take common food to the next level in the way it TASTES. Each of our recipes focuses on bringing out the natural goodness of the quality ingredients. Our menu changes to reflect what is in season, so you can be sure that the flavor of each item is at its peak.

    So, enjoy the food at Joe’s Farm Grill, knowing that these common foods have received uncommon care and thought in their preparation.

  3. Well there you go — I stand corrected. It all makes sense now and it’s a great logo. The one thing that would be cool though would have been the agriburst in the background include some grill like elements as well — maybe like an orange glow to represent hot coals and a sunrise.

    But nice job. Thanks for hookin’ up the link to the menu description.

  4. I guess Joe Johnson (or Johnston?), the proprietor of the famed Joe’s BBQ south of Elliot on Gilbert Road in Old Town Gilbert decided to open up Joe’s Farm Grill – I KNOW Joe’s BBQ! Holy cow – it’s sooo good! Mmm…

    Anyway, I have also heard that Joe is also opening up a “fancier” kind of shindig around Gilber and Baseline Roads soon. I expect nothing less than spectacular from any of this ventures. Great food, better people.

    Anyway, just go eat at Joe’s – any of them! I’m certain you won’t be disappointed.

  5. Personally I think the logo’s too busy.

    I’m a big fan of simple. It’s much easier to remember. Also, if you reduce this to an inch in diameter the text would be almost illegible.

    On a positive note, your post prompted a response from me, which is a good thing 😉

  6. I haven’t been able to enjoy Joe’s BBQ yet. I’ve eaten at the restaurant in the same complex, but not at Joe’s BBQ. I hear from people that it is really good.

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