Category: Typography

  • New Walmart Logo

    Brand New breaks the news that Walmart is rebranding. Old: New: What do you think? I like how they’re making it a single word (without the dash in the middle) but dislike the color change and the unclear sun symbol which doesn’t have a story behind it. I suppose the start didn’t either, but it’s…

  • Web Form Design

    A new book is out called Web Form Design (looks good). But the cool part is that all of the forms featured in the book are available for free on Flickr.

  • Logo of the Month #19

    It has been awhile since we have posted and discussed a “logo of the month” and today when I ran across the Tiger Woods logo I was very impressed. To have such a simple mark for a name, yet easily identifiable, is impressive.

  • Boxes Everywhere

    Have you seen a box logo lately? Here are three that I saw just today.