Outdoor Furniture

We recently redesigned the web site for one of our clients, Danao Outdoor. They design, make and sell a wide selection of elegant outdoor furniture.

Tom here at Tornado did all of the Flash work, including building a custom Flash map to show their locations.

Magazine Ad

We’ve been working with a furniture design company for a few years now and recently they began running magazine ads in some design publications. Here is one of the ones we ran recently. It’s mostly photo but I thought it came out great.

You can see the products featured in the photo above on the Danao Outdoor web site, which we also designed.

The Tornado Network

We’ve been working on a number of side projects including lots of interesting content web sites. You might have noticed a thin bar at the very top of this page linking to another of our web sites. This is just the beginning in our effort to launch a network of web sites (all managed by us).

The network today includes the following sites:

1. Track The Time Blog

2. Minuteglass

3. Tornado Design

4. Tornado Email

5. Ketchup Week

6. BrainFuel

7. Arizona Coffee

8. Chris Tingom Blog


9. Caption Fridays

10. Focus Think Network

11. 100FactsAbout.com

12. Another Great List

13. Places to See in Arizona

14. Arizona Reviews

15. Chris Tingom Photos

SXSW 2008

Tornado will have a presence at SXSW this year. We’ve wanted to go for years but always been so busy with client work. This year, we’ve decided to go anyways! We’ve bought our tickets and everything.

So who’s going? Chris Tingom and Thomas Chapin. If you’re going to be there this year, and would like to meet up, just give us a shout. Thanks.