SXSW 2008

Tornado will have a presence at SXSW this year. We’ve wanted to go for years but always been so busy with client work. This year, we’ve decided to go anyways! We’ve bought our tickets and everything.

So who’s going? Chris Tingom and Thomas Chapin. If you’re going to be there this year, and would like to meet up, just give us a shout. Thanks.

6 responses to “SXSW 2008”

  1. I will be in attendance for the second year. Looking forward to it again, and I’d like to link up with other 9rulers for coffee or something.

  2. Hi Mike and J:

    I’d love to meet up with both of you. Coffee sounds good. I’m doing some research into the best coffee shops near the convention center.


  3. SXSW is SOOOOOO overrated. Lived in Austin for a year – that was MORE than enough. I’ve never seen so many lame, free-loading party-crashers in my life.

  4. Hey! I will be going too. I don’t think you would want to hang out with me but maybe my sister. We are going for the second year and she goes to UT so she would go anyway! Alright if you do want to meet at a starbucks or something that would be cool.

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