Category: Tornado

  • Innergy Power

    We recently redesigned the Innergy Power web site here at Tornado. We didn’t do the underlying code, but we did the site design.

  • Web App Update: Minuteglass

    It has been awhile since we updated you on our progress with our web application. We’ve had a number of setbacks. Hired developers only to have them leave, and more. For the last several months we’ve really gotten on a roll with development. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to develop the product forgoing any outside […]

  • September Refresh Phoenix: Marketing for Web Apps

    I’ll be speaking at Refresh Phoenix in September and giving a talk called Marketing for Web Apps. What’s it about? It’s a review of marketing efforts that have worked for other web app companies mixed with marketing topics and ideas geared especially for people who need to spread the word about their web application, software, […]

  • MarKamp: Marketing for Web Apps

    If you live in Phoenix you should come to MarKamp! It’s going to be awesome. I have a really neat presentation called Marketing for Web Apps which is brand new and includes marketing insights which I have personally received (in the last 24 hrs) from the founders of,,,,,,, […]