Category: Tornado

  • Tornado News: New Offices in Phoenix

    Many of our local readers already know that the Tornado office has recently moved. We’re quickly wrapping up our first week in our new digs and so far so good! The new place is really sweet with concrete floors (stained brown with a glossy finish), big wood beams in the ceiling, beautiful outdoor landscape, and […]

  • Arizona Business Magazine Profiles Chris Tingom

    I’ll be posting some Tornado news on BrainFuel this week. Let’s begin with this headline: May 2005: Arizona Business magazine profiles Tornado founder Chris Tingom in the May-June 2005 issue. The article, titled AZ Entrepreneures features three growing Arizona companies. It’s on newsstands now. I’ll post a scan later this week for everybody to enjoy. […]

  • Questions, questions, questions

    Thursday I’m having my photo taken for a magazine feature about yours truly. Here’s the difficult choices I face: #1: Do I dress casual or formal? What image do I want to present? #2: They want me to bring a laptop. I have my choice of my Toshiba or a Powerbook. What to do. Heh. […]

  • Restaurants and Coffee

    I have installed WordPress 1.5 on and formally launched my new site Arizona Coffee. The first site is my general restaurant review web site and the second site is intended to be more of a place to post about coffee shops, wireless internet in coffee shops, and of course, anything about coffee. I still […]