Tornado News: New Offices in Phoenix

Many of our local readers already know that the Tornado office has recently moved. We’re quickly wrapping up our first week in our new digs and so far so good! The new place is really sweet with concrete floors (stained brown with a glossy finish), big wood beams in the ceiling, beautiful outdoor landscape, and a new environment in general.

The office is actually a house that has been converted into an office. It sounds odd but this whole area is filled with older homes that have been commercialized. When we made the announcement one of Tornado’s clients called and couldn’t believe it. She said she grew up in this house and her parents had owned it. She had lived here for some two decades. It was fun because we were able to learn some history about the location (they had horses and chickens in a barn out back where the parking lot is now). It makes for a good story.

I’ll post some photos of the interior sometime soon when we have time. Right now we’re wrapping up a number of projects and don’t have the time to make the place look perfect for a picture tour.

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