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  • Links for the end of June

    Well, it’s almost the end of June and here we are halfway into the year again. To help you forget that fact, here are some cool links in a tidy unordered list: Kirby Puckett died. I have one of his baseball cards. Industry Jargon and the Coffee Terminology Guide How to do a 301 Redirect.…

  • Weekend Link Parade

    It’s Saturday! Yay, and just for kicks here are a few interesting links I have seen recently. Dozens of great photos from North Korea. Don’t miss this page. It’s hilarious. The $11 fisheye lens from Home Depot. Awesome link, thanks Tom. WordPress Theme Viewer. Satellite guidance for the visually impaired.

  • Lorie Line

    Lorie Line has made millions selling her music recordings and holding concerts. She started out as a piano player at a department store making $40 a day.

  • End of April Links

    Some links from the last few weeks: I’d love to buy this island. High Dynamic Range photosets. Painting grass. Check out the photo at the bottom. Via Tom. I agree with Andy about Slashdot. While they may not ‘hate’ designers they are definately not respecting this field. They should be paying a few designers to…