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  • 3 Links

    Will your web app make money? Customer Focus Calculator: Test your Copy This is the very best client case study page I have ever seen.

  • I could do this

    Piece of cake. Watch this amazing video.

  • A bunch of links tied up with a bow

    Adagio Teas brings us Tea Map. Neat idea. The first version of Photoshop. EventWax looks like a neat web based event management system. Design Meltdown has tons of awesome screenshots. Zip file for the new Windows Vista fonts (Mac and PC) and they’re awesome. I’ve had them for a month now. A neat text effect.…

  • Chain-Smoking Chinese Chimp

    Say that 10 times fast! I’m voting for this as the strangest story of 2006. The story goes that he became addicted to smoking during years as a circus performer. He’s only smoking 4 cigarettes a day now, down from 10.