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  • Arabian Artificial Island Living

    Hang a right at the third frond, second house on the left. Thanks to Metafilter, we get to see a sheik and his oil money create an island suburb with it’s own enticing flash site. On reflection, this has some of the most usable navigation ever seen on an all-flash site. Notice how, as you […]

  • Weather graphics

    A slight aside from our regular programming, as I bring you, by way of many other blogs, Lawrence, Kansas Weather Graphics… What I like most about how they’ve done the weather graphics is how they’ve composed a panoramic view.

  • Ooooh, it can read my mind

    Ok people, this one is a bit odd. Presenting the Flash Mind Reader! You’ll notice the fine line between reading your mind and placing the pretty little shapes in the perfect place for mathematical perfectness.

  • Pixar preview

    Friday fodder for you folks, check out the QT of Pixar Animation Studio’s The Incredibles. Via