Category: Photo

  • Brasil Notes #1

    Remember my trip to Brasil in May? Yeah, I remember it like it was yesterday… I’ve been overwhelmed with photos ever since my return, but wanted to give you a few morsels. Here are a few photos. I’ll post more soon. Rio de Janeiro at sunset (this is the lagoon that is half salt water…

  • Camelback Mountain

    In this photo of Phoenix, you can actually see Camelback Mountain and you can see the camels head, and two humps. Pretty cool stuff.

  • Fireworks 2006

    I forgot to post my fireworks photos from July 4th, so I’ll just post my favorite of the bunch.

  • Phoenix from South Mountain

    Last Sunday a friend wanted me to go with him to South Mountain in Phoenix and take photos of the Phoenix skyline. It was really neat, I hadn’t ever been up there before and there is a great view of Phoenix. If you’re in Phoenix and ever thinking about going, just take Central south as…