Camelback Mountain

In this photo of Phoenix, you can actually see Camelback Mountain and you can see the camels head, and two humps. Pretty cool stuff.

7 responses to “Camelback Mountain”

  1. “camels head, and two humps”

    is this an ink-blot test?

    I see a place too hot for ordinary humans to live…

  2. If a camel laid down in the desert and there was a sandstorm that covered it halfway up, the end result would look kinda like Camelback mountain.

    I see it!

  3. Does anyone not see the lizard too? It’s there — laying on top of the camel’s head, looking back toward the humps.

  4. Mark, I totally see the lizard in this pic also. 🙂

    I didn’t put it together that the mountain name were all in reference to the shape until I had lived here for a year. Talk about oblivious! I figured it was one of those things that didn’t mean anything like “Rama-lama-ding-dong” or “give peace a chance”

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