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    If you’re interested in Digital SLR cameras like I am, you’ll find to be of interest. I think what’s most interesting is that the site was begun with a secondary goal besides to provide information about digital slrs. The second goal is to make money with Google’s banner ads system. My question is this:…

  • 360 QTVR of Mars

    Here’s a neat QTVR of Mars panorama… awesome. Update: I had a chat with my friend about this photo. him: this is the * * * *! him: thx for sending me: Yup me: Looks like an exciting place me: lots of rocks, lots of red, me: dirt to kick around him: cheap acerage but…

  • Another good photo site

    I’m in to photography lately, can you tell? Visit for some fantastic shots. After you’ve done that visit his photoBlog at Lastly, a new site about digital SLR cameras is over at and it is run by Michael Buffington, a popular blogger.

  • How to pose people

    I bet you never expected to get such great tips and ideas from BrainFuel when you originally bookmarked this site. Today we bring you a Guide to Posing People for Pictures… aka “Zeltsman Approach to Traditional Classic Portraiture.” It’s the best guide I’ve ever seen that explains how to pose people correctly.