Category: Photo

  • Hubble photos as wallpaper

    Hubble Wallpaper for your computer (most triumphant!). Via “A Life in the Day of a Published Author.”

  • Chicago Uncommon

    One of the neatest photo blogs I have ever seen is one called Chicago Uncommon. This site indexes photos by neighborhoods, so if you’re looking for a photo taken in a specific location you’re guaranteed to find it. Brilliant idea.

  • way to blue

    I really liked the simplicity and elegance of Way to Blue’s photoblog. It’s pretty much just a picture with some tiny text links. I’m thinking I’ll make mine somewhat similar to this.

  • Extended Exposure Photography

    Next time I’m out away from the city lights I intend to take a few long exposure photos of the stars. I like the effect it gives to photos. I was researching long exposure techniques and found a great tutorial that explains different things you can do in different lighting situations to make your photos…