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  • Flickr Release History

    Inside the Web 2.0 Report, this graph was displayed which shows the power of releasing code often. As it turns out, Flickr has grown from obscurity just a few years ago, to a powerhouse owned by Yahoo! in between Microsoft Windows release cycles. Wow! A few quick observations: Both companies are successful. In fact, Microsoft…

  • Define Mashup

    Take a second and define the term “mashup” in one easy sentence that even your grandma could understand.

  • Number of the Day: 2,000

    About how many subscriptions for a beta invite you can expect to receive from being on Techcrunch twice.

  • This is not a solution

    This is not an interface improvement. If you click the button labled “More” on Google it adds this drop down. Why didn’t Google choose to just show me all of these options in the first place. I now have to click twice if I want to see Froogle.