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  • Talk about technology

    Talk about technology – NASA Develops Subvocal Speech Detection! – also known as ‘talking to oneself.’ When speaking inaudibly, the brain sends signals to the tongue and vocal chords which can be detected, even if no sound is actually produced. Right now the system only works with a small set of words My thought is…

  • Ebay

    I’m probably the millionth person to link to this article about how eBay might be successful because of the poor design. I tend to agree with the statement that the design, by being bad, assists by making me feel like the items are bargains. Very interesting. I wonder if the same could be said for…

  • Magazine covers

    Design Observer has an interesting look at how almost all of todays magazine covers are really just photos with a headline and type treatments. Years ago they were a story and an idea usually accompanied by an engaging picture or icon. Yesterday’s covers had a message within the design that they were saying to everyone.

  • Live Help system

    The live-help web app I linked to last week was the wrong one. I meant to link to this site.