Canon 30D Digital SLR Announced

Now I’m really behind the times with my Canon 10D. On February 17 Canon announced the newest model the 30D (in stores by March). It looks like a very small upgrade if you have a 20D as the CMOS sensor wasn’t even updated.

New features I found interesting:

  1. Video Out with USB 2.0 (how this is integrated I have no idea)
  2. 8.2 Megapixels, 5fps
  3. The Canon EOS 30D will have a retail price of $1,399. (cheaper than the 20D)
  4. Larger 2.5 inch LCD

More at the DPB and if you’re interested.

8 responses to “Canon 30D Digital SLR Announced”

  1. I think 30d is good camera, but something is not good in pixel, how come this camera not used 10 MgPixel, because for me is not usedless if only 2.5 inc view like the competitor d200 ? is the same price, the same monitor but different pixel…
    Is enought with 20d for 8 MgPixel but what the different with 20d…if 30d not explore…
    Why not canon build 20d with N he he he… just to make 2.5 Icn monitor…

    thank u


  2. Hey dewo,
    If looking to keep sharp images I would imagine that more pixels on the smaller sensor would make more noise in the image. The 20D has been tested against the D200 and it won hands down for sharper images.

    People looking for a great camera just wait alittle bit and the 20D prices will drop.

  3. For me, the best new feature of the canon 30d is that the iso can be adjusted in 1/3 stops as in higher priced cameras like the 5d and 1ds mark II. I work in low light that is constantly changing and sometimes 800 iso just doesn’t cut it, but I don’t want the grain of 1600 iso. I’m looking forward to being able to dial in 1000 iso for the first time.

  4. Omg every blasted camera released has someone saying it blows the opposition away. If you visit Nikon forums they say D200 blew the 20d away if you visit Canon then the other way round. Its ridiculous really sealots in both camps and in truth these are both excellent cameras with subtle differences. You can find a review or critisism anywhere to comfort you.

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