California Coastline Records Project

Not design-related, but a very cool website, especially with broadband. This guy has taken aerial photos of the entire california coastline, over 10,000 in all, and they’re all available for hi-resolution viewing on this site.

I was able to download a 7-megabyte image of my sister’s school and count the windows on several multi-million dollar houses.

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  1. I’m sitting at the Willow House right now, using its wifi and sipping a Grasshopper Mocha. As a former Tucson resident I must say that the Valley’s offerings are woefully inadequate (read: nonexistent) when it comes to 24 hour coffee houses compared to Tucson. As for the Willow House, it’s to my liking in some ways but can certainly improve. There are no electrical outlets in the room I’m sitting in, for my laptop. It’s a bit too hot in this room for me to be really comfortable for very long sitting here. And it looks like the smoking room is bigger and nicer than the nonsmoking room. Ew.

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