Calendar pop up

Can anybody suggest a javascript calendar pop up script? A layer version might work as well. The one we are using is quite buggy and I’m seeking an alternative. Thanks.

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  1. Since you guys are Flash crazy, why not use one of them? Javascript (and the DHTML that these sorts of widgets generally require) is pretty fraught with cross-browser and -platform issues. If Flash isn’t present on the client side, they can just enter in the date manually like the savages they are.

  2. Bill: This particular web app is written in PHP and so it wouldn’t really be a good idea to suddenly introduce Flash on an otherwise text based screen.

    Since when are we Flash crazy anyways? We actually have done very few Flash-only sites. I’d love the opportunity to do so however, we’ve definately got the talent and just haven’t had the project that asked for it.

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