Buzz Aldrin punches guy in the face

Do you think Buzz Aldrin was justified in punching this guy?

10 responses to “Buzz Aldrin punches guy in the face”

  1. Yes. The guy should’ve known not to pick on an old man. They always handle things the old fashion way.

  2. You know, this reminds me that I’m really starting to miss the old cowboy movies.

    Hollywood needs to start bringing those back.

  3. I’d like to know what Buzz said to the man’s wife in order to deserve that. Does someone have a link to more backround info?

  4. yeah i’d say he deserved it. buzz told him to get away and the guy just kept on going on in his face. I love the women who walked up during it for the photo!

  5. Man that longer video sure shows a lot more detail. I’d have punched him, too! He’s rude and it appears he misleads them during the early portion of the interview and then throws the bombshell question towards the end.

  6. Seriously garbage. I’m not even close to being a lawyer, but even I could shoot holes all through that guy’s arguments. Not to mention that he’s also just a vigilante dick.

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