PageRank and eBay

Have you seen these eBay ads where people sell their page rank? You win the auction and they’ll place a link to your web site and you can then hope Google passes their good page rank along to you.

I suppose you could call it the quick way to PageRank success. Frankly, I’d rather earn PageRank naturally and have my own sites that I can use. Anybody ever try one of these services? A client asked me to investigate (of course, after I explained how PageRank works). I found and it’s interesting to see the prices. Here’s a sample of current offerings on eBay. A good SitePoint article about this topic.

5 responses to “PageRank and eBay”

  1. I can’t say I have much experience with it, but I’m with you on the natural SEO approach. There’s no way to tell when Google is going to update their algorithms, so what helps today could easily get you blacklisted tomorrow.

    There’s no substitute for good, well-structured, genuinely-linked content. Google will always love it, and you never need to worry about walking too close to the edge.

  2. This is absurd. Maybe I just think that because I already have a PR of 6. And why don’t the sellers post the URL that you’d be buying real estate on? Bizarre stuff…

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