Broken Windows in Rocky Point

I visited Rocky Point this weekend (in Mexico) and the greatest reason to go there compared to a place like San Diego is the water temperature.

The water temperature in San Diego is somewhere around 60 degrees. It was close to 80 degrees in Rocky Point. So there, that’s why people go to Rocky Point.

San Diego wins on so many levels (comparing one beach town to another). There are a plethora of things to do in San Diego which is so well built up, it’s unbelievable. Rocky Point in 20 years will be like Cancun (all built up with miles of towering hotels). Today, it’s barely more than a dust bowl waiting to happen. Dirt roads and poverty aren’t that exciting to me, frankly.

Rocky Point is undergoing a change though. There is significant development by both U.S. and Mexican companies in this area. One development we saw was worth over 1 Billion USD (several hotels, golf courses, homes, etc.). Given time, Rocky Point could easily be the next Cancun, but only time will tell.

This brings up a larger issue, the poverty in Mexico.

I was trying to think about what I would do if I were the President of Mexico. It’s a country with so many challenges and so much opportunity.

1. I would fix broken windows (public and private). Roads are in disrepair, graffiti is prevalent, and buildings and homes not up to code. I would immediately begin a nationwide effort to fix the country through fixing broken windows (ala Rudy Giuliani).

2. Better education. It’s obvious that better education has helped the U.S. and made this country more prosperous. I would work to improve this area dramatically.

3. Face corruption. I would face corruption and institute harsh retribution for ongoing corruption. I would provide rewards for reporting corruption.

That would be my three point platform if I was running for President of Mexico (an impossible suggestion, I know since I’m not even Mexican). Perhaps these are already items that Mexico is working on, or maybe they just give lip service to these areas.

2 responses to “Broken Windows in Rocky Point”

  1. Chris,

    As someone who has worked for an International Development Agency (I won’t mention the name to protect the not so innocent), I would change your number two to number one. Great point. I would also move broken windows way down the list, I agree it is very important but there are many other issues to resolve first (electricity/water/etc). Corruption is a very hard thing to face and takes brave people who can risk losing everything; even the US can’t totally claim uncorrupted government or officials (read Wolfowitz).

    I think it is important to talk about these issues, especially since we are so close to the border. Thanks for sharing your insight.

  2. Hmm… yeah, I would think that broken windows are a symptom of a societal “sickness”. As long as you have poverty, boredom, a lack of education, and an overall lack of a sense of value, the broken windows are going to come back just as fast you can replace them.

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