Brighten your day…

…whatever is wrong in your work day, just stop and watch this video. I promise, that for the 1.5 minutes you are watching you will forget about what’s bothering you. And maybe, just maybe….even laugh.

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  1. Oh wow… I just caught this on my RSS reader a little later than I should have but ummm just as bizarre as it seems, this happens to be a movie clip from a South Indian movie. The language they are speaking in that clip is called Tamil and the state it’s from in India is called Tamil Nadu. Just thought I would add this little tit-bit for your folks 🙂 The kid who smokes is actually a dwarf who frequents Tamil movies for comedy routines. Don’t ask me his name as it has been years since I have watched any Tamil films. Here is the gist of the conversation…

    Dwarf: Give me a drag of your ‘beedi’
    Guy on bed: You are too young to be smoking.
    Dwarf: Dude, I am actually 5 years older than you. You better let me have a drag or I am going to chop your head off.

    Yea kinda bad direct translation but thats basically the conversation between the two 🙂

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