Bridge between Sweden and Denmark (actually, it’s not)

The bridge (or should it be called tunnel) goes under water to allow movement of ships. In order for ships to pass, this bridge is half under the water. You drive down in the water and then come out on the other side. Truly a marvelous piece of engineering! This bridge is between Sweden and Denmark. Picture taken from the side of Sweden. – Photo is from my friend Gary

Update: Everybody is finding this page from the search engines and so I wanted to clarify that this bridge is not in scandinavia. In fact, it is in Virginia, USA.

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  1. It would be even cooler if instead of going under water all of the cars had to go off a ramp and jump.

  2. LOL! I can see the sign now… “Please accelerate to exactly 90 miles an hour and set your cruise control before approaching ramp.”

  3. The jumping idea would never “fly” because all cars have differing weight distribution. Some cars might flip while in the air and others might be ok. It’d be so awesome though!!!

  4. There area quite a few bridge-tunnels in the US as well, especally around the Chesapeak Bay area, FYI.

  5. This picture is of the bridge/tunnel in Virginia, the Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel (MMMBT) . . .Pictures of the MMMBT are often referred to as being the bridge in Sweden and Denmark. Here is what (Urban Legends) has to say about how the spectacular Oresund Bridge and the Virginia Bridge often are mixed up

    Bill 02/26/05

  6. Oresund Bridge… go to the site mentioned above this comment and you will get a link

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