BrainFuel Version 6

I’m extremely pleased to introduce the new BrainFuel to you! This has been a team effort from Kent Downer and myself at Tornado. We’ve been planning a re-launch of this site for a while and are excited about the changes.

As you know, BrainFuel has been publishing since 2001 and our desire is to share the best of web design. With tips, tricks, and profiles of cool sites we see in the wild. A new feature will be a monthly interview with a designer.

Thanks for being a reader and be sure to grab our RSS feed, or follow us on Twitter!

BrainFuel is a production of Tornado in Phoenix, AZ. We’re also the makers of Minuteglass.

8 responses to “BrainFuel Version 6”

  1. Hey Chris —

    Cool new design! I’m really liking the twitter call outs in the interview, great way to use it. Very smart overall — congrats

  2. Hi Mark, glad you like the new design. We’ve got a few more tweaks we’ll be making to the design over the next week but it is mostly there. Just some spacing stuff.

    Glad you like it and thanks for commenting!

  3. Wow, that was so long ago I forgot about the first pretty lame design. The logo was pretty cool though. I gotta use that blackletter font again!

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