BrainFuel Photo Contest #1

Let’s have a photo contest. But this one will be different.

You have 1-week to get a photo of a pile of dirt. Whoever can find the biggest pile of dirt and takes a photo and shares it wins the contest. Entries must be in by Friday, April 1.

Mountains don’t count and neither do landfills. Must be a NEW photo. You cannot use your old photos. Submit your entrie(s) to cmt at tornadodesign dot com. Thanks folks!!

5 responses to “BrainFuel Photo Contest #1”

  1. Right now would be a great time to go and get one. There are a lot of good ones on the market and a lot of the Digital SLR’s are hitting the used market.

  2. Alas! But I am only a lowly captionist… inexorably and indefatigably awaiting the next caption opportunity with abated breath.
    last photo taken summer, 1998

    souls of piles of dirt, fear me not!

  3. Well, don’t worry, if your last photo was 1998. We’re not going to have to many caption contests and while the caption contest is on vacation we’ve been finding a few good pictures for when it returns.

  4. hey chris…just a thought, but do you like baseball at all? we used to do the best lmao captions on the giants forum, pulled the pics from yahoo, various stars getting up-ended, etc… but they economized the site and disallowed the further downloading of pics…my favorite was a caption of gagne, someone w/ photo-chop-shop put a chef’s hat on him, and we took it from there…this could make your site huge and hits astronomical, possibly, if you were interested in that at all…

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