BrainFuel News: Header Contest

Mr. Caption Contest is going on vacation for a little while. While he’s away we thought it might be fun to have a header contest for BrainFuel.

The size must be: 900 px wide by 125 px tall
Entries are due: This Thursday at midnight (3/24)

Andrew Smith
Chris Tingom

Grand Prize
The winner will be announced on Friday 3/25. The prize? You get to have your header displayed on BrainFuel for a while.

To Enter
Send your submissions to Andrew Smith (andrew at

If we receive any great headers that do not win, we may use them in the future on BrainFuel with a credit line. If you have questions please leave them in the comments. Thank you!

5 responses to “BrainFuel News: Header Contest”

  1. Ooh! Chris! Giving away my email address!? And for free, too! If I were you, I would’ve sold it.

    But anyways, you might wanna add to the rules “Obscene or nasty header images will be disqualified immediately.” Or something like that.

  2. Wow, I’m really impressed with all of the responses we’ve been getting so far. It’s going to be a really difficult choice isn’t it Andrew?

  3. Hi there, am trying to get in touch with Andrew, his site is down, the last time I was in touch was circa 2005, would you happen to have an alternate email id please.



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