Bicycle Helmet

Did your parents make you wear a bicycle helmet when you were a kid? What about now, do you wear a helmet when you ride your bike?

Will you or do you make your kids wear a bicycle helmet?

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  1. I do, and I make my daughter wear it. I’ve dumped enough bikes, and had near misses with cars, to know the value of a good brain protector. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Well, it’s a law in most places (federally, now?), but I think it really depends on the environment you live in. There were areas where I wore a helmet, and there were areas where I didn’t. Where I didn’t were in the places where there were hardly any cars and where it was so quiet that you could hear them coming from far away (i.e., the country). I’d probably treat cases with children of my own in the same fashion. Busy area, definitely wear one; country neighborhood, optional.

  3. I never wore one as a kid, but those were that days when parents didn’t worry about that stuff. They never had to worry about Halloween candy either and let you go out on your own. They let you go to the park on your own too. Times are different now.

  4. ..yeah, I’m with mark. Never had to wear one growing up, cause it wasn’t required…and they made you look like super-dork ๐Ÿ™‚

    I make my 3 year old daughter wear one on her tricycle now even though she can hardly pedal it ๐Ÿ™‚ I see too many nut-jobs driving with thier heads up thier you-know-what’s to not worry about her, so yes, all my kids wil be rigged with safety gear ๐Ÿ˜› …I also wear one when i mountain bike, but if I was just riding around the block or something I can’t say I would put it on.

  5. No, I don’t as of currently. Probably because I just don’t plain own one as of my return home from school. I do most of my biking before or after the majority of suburban traffic rears it’s head. It is a common sense thing and I would make a kid wear it without question. Once I’m off into the city, it’s high on my purchase list.

    I’m now wondering if there’s a law against biking with an mp3 player on. If that’s the case, helmet required. Or Darwin. Either or.

  6. Good question. I never realized until a couple of days ago, when I read about a brand-new British study which found that vehicles pass helmeted cyclists with measurably less clearance (8.5 cm/3.5″) than that given to unhelmeted cyclists.

    I just checked wikipedia on this and it appears that the use of helmets in preventing injury is actually very debatable. Since I may soon be riding to work daily through 7 miles of a very busy surface street, it’s something I’ll give more attention to myself.

  7. I dont. I didn’t when I was a kid, and I don’t make my young son wear one either.

    But then again, when I go riding these days it’s strictly in the neighborhood park, which is literally across the street from my home.

    If I ever had to be on the street for an extended period of time…well, I’d encase my brain and body in my car.


  8. I knew a kid (distantly) who jumped a small pile of dirt with his bike without wearing a helmet, and he ended up hitting his head on the ground. Knocked him out cold and he died shortly after from injuries to his brain.

    So yeah, wearing helmets is probably a good idea. When I used to ride my bike to work (every now and then… it was only 2 miles or so), I would always wear a helmet.

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