Best hosting company?

Where do you host your web site? Mr. C. emailed me recently asking about hosting recommendations. For Windows servers I suggest Crystaltech which has fabulous support and always the best. They’re even based here in Phoenix. Then for Linux I can’t really recommend any company because Tornado has a dedicated server for this purpose.

Where do you host and why are they good?

4 responses to “Best hosting company?”

  1. I highly recommend Dreamhost ( I have been with them for about 4 years now and have not been disappointed at all. They’re always increasing the limits and adding features and I’ve never had a problem with support. For some clients, I hesitate to recommend them because you can’t call a toll-free number for support, support is only through email. (They do offer “callbacks” where you give them your number and a time to call, though I have never tried it) My experience is that some clients demand being able to physically talk to someone when there’s a problem. Otherwise I have no hesitation in *highly* recommending them.

  2. i have to second shawn’s suggestion on dreamhost. yes, the support is email based but it has always been highly responsive and intelligent. they do have that callback feature but i have never used it eaither, have never needed to. they are always making my existing package worth more for the same money. you can tell they are passionate about great hosting and service.

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