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I have a $30 Gift Card to Best Buy which I won in a contest over at The Closet Entrepreneur (Thanks!) and I’m going over there today for my lunch break. What should I buy? I’m leaning towards a movie. Or maybe something for my Brazil trip next month. Any ideas?

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  1. If you have several computers and one printer, Best Buy has a bluetooth adapter, that I think goes for about $30 – 50.

    I had the same issue, looking for something that would be beneficial to use with a Best Buy gift card. I still havent bought it because I keep forgetting to get the card.

  2. Rather than sink the whole gift card into one movie, why don’t you exchange it for an iTunes gift certificate and get a couple new albums for the flight?

    Thanks for the new blog link, too. Looks like I’ve got a new feed to read. 🙂

  3. Chris – Glad to hear that you finally received the card! As for what to get at Best Buy, just be sure you have enough memory for your camera; I’m pretty sure you’re going to need every ounce for your Brazil trip. BTW, check to out this link – it deciphers the Best Buy wall numbers.

  4. Oh these are good ideas. I like the idea of iTunes gift cards and extra flash cards. I’ve determined I need about 6GB in flash cards since I am unsure whether I’ll have enough electricity to offload to my powerbook. I don’t know what the electrical situation will be in Brazil.

  5. Oh my gosh, Bryan has a blog. Coolness. So Bryan, those pepperoni, sausage and onion sandwiches you wrote about sound really good. Where’s the best place around town to try one?

  6. Chris, look at the power adapter for you Powerbook. If it says 110-220, it will likely work fine. I was worried about this in Peru but discovered a transformer was not necessary with the Mac Mini I brought. The US two-prong design fits in their walls and the adaptor should handle the 220v fine.

  7. Hey Chris. The best place in town for suasuage, peppers, and onions is now my place. Ha! Check out De Falco’s Italian Grocery. If you’re ever in Tempe, there’s a place right nextdoor to ASU’s Computer Science department that’s pretty good. I don’t remember the name, though.

  8. Oh yeah! There’s a De Falco’s in south Scottsdale (near McDowel and Scottsdale Rds) and Ben and I used to go there every once in a while. Good stuff.

  9. Bryan – you’re like me. You get into this kick where you want to master making some sort of food item and you end up spending a ton of money on it. That’s what happened to me and italian soda’s recently. They are inexpensive on the surface until you realize the syrup is $5 a bottle and you have to keep a plentiful supply of syrups, seltzer water, milk, half and half, ice, and cups handy. I’ve blown at least $50 on syrups alone in the last two months.

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