“Behold, the power of _______!”

So last week in the office we were brainstorming some ideas for online ecommerce success. In other words, any idea that’ll make a million bucks even if we don’t know much about it.

Now this is when it gets wierd. Because the ideas were wierd. Let’s just suffice it to say that Jeff came up with one idea and I came up with another idea and as far as I know, we don’t know squat about that particular industry besides from perhaps personal experience or stories we’ve heard (or in Jeff’s case, a movie).

I won’t disclose our million dollar ideas because hey, they might work. I was just thinking this morning about cheese and how much I like cheese and wondered if anybody was selling cheese online.

When I did a Google search, I found a few sites with some excellent cheese varieties available. First off, Cheese.com. Another one is iGourmet. Then I noticed that Cheese.com also must own CheeseSupply.com and CheeseMall.com and Cheese-Crazy.com.

My questions:
#1: Does it really help to create multiple web sites that are almost identical except for the name? Does this somehow increase sales?

#2: What’s the best cheese you’ve ever tried and would you order online?

4 responses to ““Behold, the power of _______!””

  1. I do not believe multiple domains increase sales per se, but they can work to increase name recognition and exposure. And since certain search engines rank query returns based on the relevancy of the site to the query, then I doubt it hurts to have several sites saying similar great things about product x.

  2. …you are just jealous my idea was better than yours. And I agree with mark, I wouldn’t buy cheese online…nor any other dairy product. But hey, maybe there is something to selling meat online??? yeah, that’s it. I will sell steaks, and ground beef in envelopes…wooohooo, big bucks here I come!

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