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  1. I like the updated typeface but I don’t like how the middle 1/R is right before the “r” in “robbins”…so it’s like there are 2 R’s next to each other.

  2. I think the BR + 31 embed is a great idea. But I feel it should be on its own as a logo not nested within the word.

  3. I can see why they chose the new logotype, but man, the BR in the middle just doesn’t flow. It hurts my head to try and read it.

    Yay for the fun type that isn’t rounded and three dimensional though.

  4. Horrible logo. It violates the primary function of logos – to be simply memorable. This is one you have to “figure out.” Suicice for a logo.

  5. 31 is clever. The rest of it is clumsy. It’s almost like they’ve deliberately tried to go as far from the old logo as possible, where I think a more subtle re-working would’ve been more beneficial.

  6. this is so sad. why do companies always try to make their logos contemporary, and instead just make them look dated? whatever happened to designing something that’s beautiful now and will continue to be so in 20 years?

  7. The logo doesn’t work (IMO) with the initials centered like that — as Evan noted above, it looks like it should read “Baskin Brrobins”.

    My only guess is that they tried to incorporate a more rounded font into the logo to identify with their new relationship with Dunkin Donuts — but as everyone else has noted here, it’s not working well.

    Considering BR has been around forever, and the previous logo is what people identify with, they should have left it alone. The better idea would have been to build a campaign around the time when BR was the place to go to — before Marble Slab and Cold Stone Creameries came along.

    With the new logo, I feel the nostalgia is gone and they look like the new, unproven kid.

  8. I hate it.

    The first time I read it I was trying to figure out what “baskinB Robins” was. “baskinBRrobins” isn’t much better.

  9. My first impression with the new one is “sChIzOpHrEnIc” and that the person who conceived this unreadable mess should be locked up.

  10. Unfortunatly I agree i like the old one better. Maybe the days of eagerly going to BR have influenced me. I think the design is cool but too sharp for a corp logo, also a little hard on the eyes.

    I always think of FedEx and the arrow when i think of good logos. They had to create their own font to come up with that effect, i think.

  11. Man i hope someone didn’t actually get paid to come up with this. Imagine this thing in black and white…cuz they obviously didn’t. I’m trying to find something good about it… and cannot…
    I mean the original you can actually READ.

  12. I bet this logo was sold to the client successfully because it was so “artistic”. The client was probably so excited by all the hidden meanings that they completely ignored the negative feedback they were getting from real people.

    Hidden meaning hints:

    B+R font convergence = 31 = 31 flavors = Yay!

    BRr = cold = ice cream = Yay!

  13. I’m really amazed about everyones passion about this logo. It’s really the reason I posted it, because I hate the new one. I think the comment above from Mark summarizes exactly how I feel: “With the new logo, I feel the nostalgia is gone and they look like the new, unproven kid.”

  14. The FedEx logo is just Futura bold reworked, but very cleverly so. You’d be surprised how many designers go, “Oh, wow, there’s an arrow in there. I never noticed that before.”

  15. My first impression when I see the new logo, I remember Roger Rabbit, I don’t know why, may be the letters, who knows. Why you change? The new logo look like a kinder garden ad.
    It’s not easy to read. Sorry but I don’t like it.

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