BarCamp Phoenix Wrapup (With Photos)

I promise this is the last post about BarCamp Phoenix, which was held on Saturday.

I took some photos at the event which are below with commentary. Enjoy!

barcamp phoenix

The way an Unconference works is exactly as you see. The first thing that happens is that people brainstorm topics. The only rule is that you have to be willing to also moderate that discussion (or suggest someone).

barcamp phoenix

James Britt votes for a topic as Sean Tierney tallies votes.

barcamp phoenix

About 50 percent of the people brought laptops.

barcamp phoenix

Josh Padnick leads a discussion on web site project management / sales process.

barcamp phoenix

Quick grab a shirt!

barcamp phoenix

Sean Tierney wearing his BarCamp Phoenix shirt wraps everything up and gathers feedback.

I’d have to say that the strangest moment of all was when they held the Zune giveaway, which was sponsored by Microsoft. Here’s how it went down: Someone got up with his Powerbook and demonstrated the randomizer script he had written that morning. It was written in Ruby on Rails, and was pretty slick. Then, he opened it up in Firefox and ran the program. Too funny.

4 responses to “BarCamp Phoenix Wrapup (With Photos)”

  1. Hey, that’s cool to see Josh getting into the action and leading a discussion!

    So Chris, any follow-up post on what you though about BarCamp and any suggestions? (increase frequency, organization, usefulness, et cetera)

  2. I thought it went well but then i guess i’m kinda biased being in half of the photos 😉
    Seriously though, it was a solid first event and had a decent turnout. It proves that you don’t need a ton of structure to have a productive event.


  3. […] Chris Tingom did a quick rundown of the event on his blog and a couple others have posted flickr photos.  You can bet there will be another one of these events again. Keep your name on the wiki page if you intend to come to the next one.  There was a company there that was capturing the video and projector demos by intercepting the VGA feed.  They promise to post the sessions they captured once they’re produced and make them available via the Barcamp wiki. Thanks for everyone that attended. See you at the next one. Pass it along:These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. […]

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