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Balloon Brites

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I received an email on Monday morning from some Ruby on Rails developers and this site for Balloon Brites was included as a portfolio piece. I don’t know where to begin. It’s an awesome product!

Basically, it’s an LED powered light that has a battery and you put it inside of the balloon to light things up.

I showed this site to Don, a friend, and here’s what he said:

Yeah, you could really set your party off with those. “Timmy’s birthday was a real smash hit because of those flashing balloons.”

“Bobby had plain old balloons. Blah.”

I’d like to invest in this company. It could really balloon.

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  1. It seems like a simple, clever idea, but I was pretty disappointed to see the promo video is computer generated. When the whole point of your product is how cool it looks, show me the real thing.

    Also, why alternate between ‘lights’ and ‘lites’?

  2. Yeah, that video is a waste of money. They should have gotten some high school kids to demonstrate the product, or even just done some video at a party.