Balancing Life and Work

Do you feel like you have a good balance in your life between work and life? Which would you say takes precidence in your life? The work you do or your personal life?

8 responses to “Balancing Life and Work”

  1. Being freelance for me, the balance blurs a little. I am not unhappy about this and infact like it. Work is an integral part of my life so it makes sense to me to have a more blurred boundary.

  2. 1. It’s precedence.

    2. What’s that ‘life’ thing you’re talking about?

    3. Oh, calm down now, I’m no longer working, esp. from home, and I am so looking forward to a regular jobbie-thing that doesn’t involve me thinking too hard about it all the time.

    Prolly not possible, right? Hey, a guy can dream, no 😉

  3. I think Americans in general work too much.

    With all our technological advances what have we? We work harder and longer today than at any other point in history…

  4. I have just started working from home and find it hard with a 2yr old cliimbing over me all the time and a missus that asks me if I am done yet all the time.

    Is kinda fun yet if I could just do my 9 – 5 only modified so it is with a long lunch and then switch off at 6:30pm instead I would be laughing!

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