Average Tuition

The average tuition across the nation for one year of college is now $21,000. Amazing.

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  1. The bastards. I remember way back when, Penn State tuition was a svelte $17,500. And Tom Cruise was still a picture-perfect celebrity, and if you wanted to light a cigar up in the local speakeasy, well, you just went ahead and did it.

    The terrorists really have won.

  2. I only paid around $8,000 for my entire college education at ASU–and that wasn’t that long ago. Even with ASU’s tuition about tripling since I was there it’s still dramatically below the average. I wonder how many people appreciate what a good value we have right here in our back yard.

  3. The only way you can afford college these days is by being a dwarf-obese-gay-bipolar-Jewish-left-handed-paraplegic-black/native-American with 14 brothers and sisters and father who died in Iraq in a road bomb explosion and a widowed/pregnant mother living off welfare.

    Everyone would feel sorry for you and give you scholarships.

  4. My first year at Middlebury (VT) the tuition was $22,100. That was fall of 1990. This year the tuition is $44,330, making us I think the second highest in the nation (to the perennial winner Bennington College, also in Vermont). I am forever thankful for loans and scholarships, and for parents who were willing to go into debt to support my education.

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