Author: Thomas Chapin

  • Firefox 6.0 – Gray Colored URL in Address Bar

    If you have upgraded to Firefox 6.0 recently, you might have noticed a change in your URL address bar. Now, instead of the web address being in all black like you might have grown accustomed to over the past 10 years, the powers that be have decided it would be better to color all of […]

  • Facebook Authentication and a Potential Security Risk

    The idea of a “universal login” is not new by any means. Since the early days of the internet, many people have longed for the ease of having to only remember one login and password to access all of their favorite member-based sites. Over the years, there have been a number of companies/organizations that have […]

  • Time Travel

    What do our loyal brainfuel readers think about the concept of time travel? My opinion/theory is that time is linear and takes place at a constant rate. You can not stop time. You can not move back or forward in it. All you have is here and now, which moves along at an unchangeable pace. […]

  • Sprint IP Relay

    Ok, this may be slightly off-topic, but it’s the coolest internet thing I’ve run across in a while so I figured I ought to share it with our loyal BrainFuel readers: Sprint IP Relay ( Basically, you can type in the phone number of someone on the web site and a relay operator (real person) […]