Author: Thomas Chapin

  • Incorrigible Gerbils in Dirigibles

    More random artwork on the whiteboard here at Tornado Design (courtesy of Andrew Smith and Kent Downer). Pretty funny stuff, as far as… stuff… goes…

  • Overnight Project

    We just finished putting together this fun little web project the other night: 100 Facts About Literally Anyone Basically, you put in someone’s name, and it returns 100 “facts” about that person. Note: This project also makes experimental use of the “Google/MySpace Theory” where functionality takes precedence over looks (hence the horrible non-design).

  • Flash Toys Made By Thomas Chapin

    I was digging through some of my old flash gadgets and programming experiments and I decided to post some of them online. I hope you find them entertaining! Let me know what you think! Multi-player Refrigerator Magnets! (supports to 20 people at the same time!) Logo Particle System (disrupt logo with mouse after it’s […]

  • Windows command line auto-complete, TextMate for Windows, and Flash server

    I learned three very interesting things today: 1. The windows command line (start button, run, “cmd”, OK) has an auto-complete feature: just type part of file or folder name and press your TAB key! 2. E Text Editor is an amazing text editor for Windows that shares many similarities to Text-Mate for Mac. 3. The […]